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Diving Safety Officer Professional Volunteer (373.2 KB)

Volunteer with the Charles Darwin Foundation

Since 1971 the Charles Darwin Foundation has maintained a Volunteer and Scholarship Program. Our main objective is to support local and national education and to provide opportunities for students and professionals to collaborate through research and conservation in the exceptional environment that is the Galapagos.

The principal goals of the program are:

  1. to generate educational opportunities; 
  2. to remove economic barriers that may block access to a better science education; 
  3. to mentor students in biology, conservation, and environmental education.

Whether it’s monitoring the reproductive behavior of the Philornis fly, creating puppets for environmental education events or writing grants to secure funds for scientific research, volunteers and scholarship students are critical to operations at CDF. The majority of placements are based at the Charles Darwin Research Station in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz island.

Volunteers may be local, national or international; students or professionals.

How to Apply

When positions are advertised, please complete the application and health record forms below:

Application Form (36.5 KB)

Health Record (443.9 KB)

Please send the application and health record electronically to vol@fcdarwin.org.ec.

The selection process may take several months, depending on the projects, availability of funds, and the departmental needs of the foundation.


1. What is the minimum age and minimum educational requirement for volunteers?

You should be 18 or older and must have completed high school to volunteer.

2. What is the minimum time I can volunteer?

The minimum stay is 3 months.

3. Do you cover food, accommodation and other costs for international volunteers?

No. Unfortunately, the Charles Darwin Research Station only offers scholarships and funding to Ecuadorian citizens. Nevertheless, we still encourage you to apply and potentially seek alternative funding.

4. Do I need health and life insurance?
Yes. We require all foreigners to have health and life insurance.

5. Should I only apply to positions with TOR?

Yes. Please respond to the Terms of Reference advertised on this site. Only exceptionally do we accept people who write letters of interest.


For more information, please contact:vol@fcdarwin.org.ec or call the CDF Volunteer Program office at (593) 5526-146/147 or (593) 527-013/014 ext. 124.

Scholarship Jennifer Suarez.JPGA CDF scholarship student working in fisheries research